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Marcel Pintรณ Biescasa
ex-Developer Advocate at Google
โ€œExactly what the Android community needed!โ€

By an Android Developer, for the Android Community is a bootstrapped business run by an ex-Apple employee.

The whole site, is managed by a single individual. This means that you get special treatment when you post your jobs on the website. If something goes wrong, you have someone to reach out to that will reply promptly. When something goes well, you have someone to celebrate the victory with.

I built this website after being an Android Developer for more than 10 years myself and quit my job to start my own business.

I love the Android community and a lot of my work is loved by thousand developers every single day. Your dev team might already know my work from sites such as Composables and the State of Compose, or my indepth tutorials on Jetpack Compose.

Alex Styl
Founder of